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A practical solution to getting the preventive health care your pet needs in a tough economy


Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital now offers the “VIP” wellness plans.  These plans offer two unique benefits to pet owners:

1.     You can get wellness testing for your pet and spread the cost over twelve months.

2.    You get unlimited “sick pet” office visits for the next year at a fraction of the regular office visit fees.

Each wellness plan has a $69 sign-up fee, which is due, along with the first monthly payment at initial sign up.  You will more than recoup this fee if your pet visits us two or more times in the next year for illnesses.  After that, the monthly portion of the plan will be direct withdrawn from your checking or savings account to HLAH.

We realize these plans are not for everyone, and you are under no obligation to use them.  We simply offer them as a way for some clients to more easily budget their pet’s health care!

IMPORTANT!  -We are not trying to trick you!  All medications, services, surgeries, etc…, associated with “sick pet” visits are at regular prices-only the office visits are discounted! The cost of “sick pet” visits will be due when services are rendered (by check, cash, credit card, or care credit).


We also offer payment plans on Oral ATP surgeries, also known as “dentals.”  Just as it is important for you to see a dentist every six months, it is important to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy.  Because periodontal disease will shorten your pet’s  life.  If your pet has significant periodontal disease, then his mouth is teaming with pathogenic bacteria.  These bacteria get into the blood and end up on the heart valves, kidneys, and lungs where they cause slow but sure deterioration.  It’s as simple as that.  Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy is one of the most certain ways of ensuring a longer, healthier life for him.  If you need any further motivation, it is this: pets with gingivitis are physically uncomfortable. 

The ATP payment plan only has a $10 sign up fee that, along with the first monthly payment is due at sign up.  This plan allows you to pay for the procedure, extractions and any associated medications over the course of 12 months!



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                       Two Paws up!!!


" Renee was so great trimming our dogs nails! And she surprisingly fast and did it alone! Our baby really appreciated her love and patience." - V.B.



" Your staff knows my pets by name. It's very welcoming and inviting. I don't feel like they are just another number. We are beyond pleased with your office and refer everyone there!"   " Dr. Hall was great! When we chose therapy for our dog over a surgery beyond our means, he got behind us 100% with support and care to get our puppy back on her feet. He was very realistic but support and has never made us feel we are not making the right decision for our family."- J.T.


"Dr. Ervin is wonderful and I feel like I can talk to him and he explains everything."- E.G.


"This visit I saw Dr. Mollet. She was very thorough and explained everything to my satisfaction! . I have seen all of the other vets during previous visits and am comfortable with all them. I did try a different office some years back, and was not satisfied with the treatment of either me or my pet - I rushed right back to Horseshoe Lake - this office is wonderful and all of the doctors are very knowledgeable!!" - C.F.


" I hope that I understood this survey and answered it to show that I gave you high marks. We are pleased with your animal hospital and grooming department. When folks are looking for a vet/groomer I always tell them to go to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital. You have a wonderful reputation in the community. Many speak of how well you treat the humans and our pets, that is how we found you because word of mouth said go to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital. I am so glad that we did just that. Everyone there is so helpful and kind. You can tell that all the vets and the staff truly wants to be there to help the humans as well as the animals. I love how you treat us on the phone and in person with wonderful people skills. Also I love that everything in the office is organized and soooooo clean. The place smells great! I also love how you show dvds of fun and appropriate kids movies so that our kiddos have something to watch while we have a short wait in the lobby area. We love Miss Linda, Miss Crystal and everyone over at the pet salon. That is why we continue to bring Ruby there to be groomed and loved. Thanks for all you do in the hospital part and the grooming department to keep our Ruby happy and safe. " - P. and R. S.


" Your receptionists and vet techs are friendly and professional. They treat us like family." - L.H.


" Dr. Hall, the other Vets and the staff are always so nice and professional. We always feel that they know us and our animals and it is a nice feeling especially in a world of not so great customer service! You always get great customer service at Horseshoe! Thank you!"  " Dr. Hall took care of Leo and he knew immediately what was wrong and then followed up with a telephone call confirming his beliefs with the blood work that had been done. Very grateful for his expertise!" - J.C.

" I brought my pet in to have her nails done by the dremmel.The tech who helped me was upbeat,sweet,kind & gentle to my pet- which is the most important. The treatment of my pet is what I value most.The tech did a wonderful job!." - D.B.

" Dr. Mollet is always friendly, courteous and professional and makes us feel that our dogs are in great hands." - T.D.

"Penny groomed my dog and she did a fabulous job as always."  "Don't change nothing. You guys are amazing." - D.F.

"The staff has always been very friendly an my dog is in heaven with all the good attention he gets while we are there." - A,K.

" Dr Randla is great! He gets right down to my dogs level and gives them plenty of attention to make sure their comfortable before he even starts to examine them. He's very attentive and always gives great care to my pets!"- D. and S. S.

"Everything was perfect as always!!" - C.W.




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